Blazepelt is a striking flame-red tom with amber eyes, and darker tabby stripes.



Current: FireClan

Past affiliations: NightClan



Warrior: Blazepelt

Apprentice: Blazepaw

Kit: Blazekit



None Known






Oakstar (Oakfeather)


He was was born in NightClan, but left as an apprentice due to some dark reasons among the clan.. but now he is a loyal FireClan member.

He loves his clan, and will protect it for his life, but sometimes he still likes to go out on night patrols by the NightClan border for old times sake.

Theme SongsEdit

Supermassive Black Hole - Muse


He was originally born a NightClan cat, by the name of Blazepaw, but changed to FireClan and earned the name Blazepelt.

He still has a slight attachment to his old clan--but not strong enough to break his bond with FireClan.

He has a small scar on his shoulder, but doesn't like to show it to anyone.

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