Ginger Cats Front


Leader: Firestar - bright, firey ginger tom with golden amber eyes and bright red paws. Role-Played by Swiftfire

Deputy: Ravenfur - total black cat with green eyes and a pink nose. (needs Role-Player)

Medicine Cat: Twilightshine -Beautiful pink-cream she-cat with dazzling blue eyes. Roleplayed by: Loudsplash


(Add Yourselves In!)

Swiftfire - Dark reddish-orange tom with long legs, a bright-red tail and ice-blue eyes. Roleplayed by: Swiftfire

Blazepelt - is a striking flame-red tom with amber eyes, and darker tabby stripes. Roleplayed by: Oakfeather

Creamberry - creme-colored she-cat with beautiful blue eyes. Roleplayed by Ottersplash.

Tulipfur - dark ginger she-cat with stunning green eyes and one white paw.


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